Valentine’s Day 2020: Fall in Love Daily!

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Welcome to Valentine’s Day 2020! I know it is eight days away and wanted to just add my two cents. I know this holiday has pagan roots and that is not my focus. I want to talk about love that is expressed daily and not just on February 14th.  Love is not something that is expressed only in a romantic relationship. Love can be expressed in families, friendships and more. As a devoted follower of Christ, I believe love starts with God. I have to love myself before I can love others. We can express love to one another by how we treat and uphold another as well as how we invest in ourselves. Love is an action word. You can say you love someone but your actions have to match your words.

If you are currently grieving a loss of some sort, it is okay for you to take a step back on Valentine’s Day. You are not compelled to celebrate something that may bring pain and disappointment to you. We have to be honest with how we are feeling and where we are in life. If you need to focus on loving yourself, that is okay. I have been single most of my adult life. I have learned to celebrate and love myself. I believe in true love. I am happy for those who have found love. I must treat myself the way I want someone else to treat me. I cannot depend on someone else to love me if I do not love or cherish myself. Celebrate the people around you. Celebrate having another day of life. Love should be expressed and displayed every day. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Author: Ada Orie

I am a Nigerian-American Christian woman based in Baltimore who writes about Christianity, dating, food, friendships and more. My goal is to provide a free and safe place where people can express themselves while learning from one another. Thank you for checking out my blog. I look forward to learning from you.

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