Ten Ways to Say “I Love You” Daily

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He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”-Revelation 21:4

They are times in our lives we will remember what we were doing when something monumental and catastrophic occurred. That day occurred on Sunday January 26, 2020 for me. I had just awakened from a post church nap. I was preparing myself to watch the Pro Bowl. I was on Instagram looking at a picture of my Baltimore Raven Pro Bowlers on the Ravens IG account. I usually don’t look in the comments section but that day I decided to take a look. I started to see comments about Kobe Bryant. I was very confused so I went to Twitter which was broken and then I googled his name and I saw the unthinkable. As the day continued to unfold what I was thought to be a hoax turned out to be a devastating truth that Kobe Bryant has tragically passed away at the age of 41 with eight other people.

Kobe Bryant is my favorite basketball player. I feel like we grew up together. When he came into the NBA he was only a teenager. I watched him become not only become an excellent athlete but also an excellent husband, father, businessman, friend, mentor, Oscar winner, humanitarian and more. He was intentional when it came to every role of his life. I love hearing the stories of how he communicated with people all around the world with intent and love. I love how he loved his wife and kids with his whole heart. His beautiful daughter Gigi was lost on Sunday as well as seven other beautiful people (Sarah and Payton Chester, Ara Zobayan, Christina Mauser, Keri, John and Alyssa Altobelli) . May God give comfort to all their families, friends and all who grieve their deaths. 

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I have seen a lot of forgiveness, unity and love pouring out all over of the world. We may all have our differences but we can agree that these nine beautiful human beings should be given the utmost honor and respect as well as their families. Our society has been divided by a lot but let us take a moment to say I love you. Let us give each other the benefit of doubt and love to everyone who is around us. A smile, a kind word, a nice gesture and more can go such a long way. This is article is dedicated to the nine people who lost their lives on Sunday. This article is also dedicated to all of us who are still alive and breathing. May we love deeply and intentionally always. This blog is going to explore ten ways to say “I love you” daily. 

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Time: When you love someone or something, you need to make an investment of time. That means you have to prioritize spending time with them. Your time has to be intentional. You have to be focused 100% on spending time with them. Time is something we cannot get a refund on and we have to use this precious tool to love on the people closest to us. 

Words: As a writer, I love words. We all use words daily in speaking, writing, texting, reading, and more. You should say, “I love you” daily. You should never assume that the people who you love know that you love them. You should say I love you daily. We should also be mindful of our words because they can harm, destroy,  and hurt someone else. You may be right but is it worth inflicting pain that cannot be undone? 

Dream: You can say I love you to yourself, all whom you hold dear and the world by dreaming. Dreaming means you are expanding your capacity to have more. You are looking beyond yourself and today which will leave a legacy for generations after you. Dreaming is a great tool to escape a painful present and have something to look forward to on the other side of the storm. 

Live: You were created to live. You were not created to survive. Life is meant to be enjoyable and fun. When you are in survival mode, you cannot enjoy life fully. You have to laugh, rest, vacation, and move beyond your daily routine. We have to live everyday as if it is our last. 

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Cherish: You have to cherish yourself and your tribe. You never want to take yourself or the people around you for granted. You want to make sure you are regularly making people feel special and loved by you. 

Risk: You have to take risks. Playing it safe all the time will cause you to be unhappy. There is so much more to life than being on the sidelines. What if Kobe Bryant never left high school to play basketball? What if he was lazy and didn’t have a mamba mentality? We would have ever had a front row seat to his greatness on and off the court. 

New: Have you considered doing something new? Something that maybe outside your comfort zone or maybe something that is on your mind? I want to learn how to cook a complicated new dish like beef Wellington. I plan to attend a cooking class. Something new is great because we can expand and enhance our knowledge. 

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Give: When we are generous, we are expressing love in its most natural and purest form. There are so many ways we can give to ourselves and others. You can be the answer to someone else’s prayer by making a decision to give daily. Giving looks different for all of us. It can be giving mercy, time, money, our talents, and more. This world is a better place when we give to one another with a motive of love. Jesus willingly laid down his life for all of us so that we could be in relationship with God forever and also live a life of abundance

Accept: When we accept one another despite our flaws and shortcomings, this is love. All of us as humans are going to miss the mark. We should always correct one another in love. We also should not try to make everyone around us be exactly like us. We are all different on purpose. If all of us where exactly the same, the world would be boring. 

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Rest: Rest is a way to show love to ourselves and the world around us. When we rest, we are trusting God to care for us. We are also giving our bodies time to rest. When we rest, that means we can be the very best version of ourselves. We will show up in other areas of our lives more energized and alert. Also, even when we are working and moving about, we should not be so drained that we cannot rest. Make sure rest is part of your equation. 

May “I love you” never again be limited to Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries. May “I love you” become part of our daily routine. We cannot continue to take each other and our time for granted. We want to love one another deeply. We want our legacy to be love. We want to be intentional with how we treat one another. 

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I am a Nigerian-American Christian woman based in Baltimore who writes about Christianity, dating, food, friendships and more. My goal is to provide a free and safe place where people can express themselves while learning from one another. Thank you for checking out my blog. I look forward to learning from you.

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