True Friendship is for Better or Worse

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A true friendship is one that endures the ups and downs of life. I do not care how rich, beautiful, handsome, athletic and educated you are but one day you are going to have a moment beyond your control. You will need the support of someone or some people outside of yourself. It could be a breakup of a relationship or friendship, the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, a financial calamity, a health crisis, family drama and so much more. All of us have been hurt and disappointed by other people. All of us have also disappointed and hurt other people. It may have occurred intentionally or unintentionally. Despite all of this there are people who you should be able to count on when life goes wrong.

My first encouragement to you would be not to suffer alone or isolate yourself when a major crisis erupts. There is nothing wrong with having the initial moment of shock but you should have someone who you can bare your soul to without judgement. Also, be yourself during this process of healing and understanding. If you have to cry, do so. If you want to stay home, do so. If you want to clear your social calendar for a period of time, you can do that. You have to make sure you do not stay in this mode forever. Also, do not make any major decisions or have any serious conversations right now. Once something is said, you cannot take it back. So if you are dealing with major crisis, that is not the time to make a decision on a relationship, make a big purchase, consider a career change and more. Your motive maybe purely emotional.

Have a face to face conversation or a phone or video chat. If you got engaged or won the lottery, you would not text your closest friends, you would call them. The same goes for a major crisis. You want to navigate the emotions of this major crisis. You need to surround yourself with people who will love you back to your normal self. This may include some loving reality checks. You do not want to be surrounded by someone who is going to encourage you to be in this terrible place forever and you also do not want someone who is going to encourage you to stuff your feelings.

So whatever it is, I hope that you will be able to navigate this crisis with people who love you unconditionally.

Author: Ada Orie

I am a Baltimore based writer who covers the topics of fashion, food, nonprofit organizations and more. I am a Nigerian-American woman who loves God, my family and friends, sports and more. Thank you for checking out my blog.

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